C 180/Battrey Charger

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Auxiliary Starting Battery Charger Series

Automatic Battery Charger C180

Automatic Battery Charger C180

Product category:Auxiliary Starting Battery Charger Series

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  Product Description

Technical Parameter:

Input Voltage:          AC 220V 50/60Hz

Rated Power:          280W

Max. Charging Current:  6.5A / 10A

Battery Capacity:       25-180Ah

For Battery Voltage:     6V, 12V

Output Voltage:        9-30V

Fuse:                 20A  

Insulation Level:        H IP21

   This automatic battery charger can charge lead-acid, GEL, EFB and AGM 6/12V batteries on 

  light, commercial, agricultural and construction vehicles.

   Automatic charger, without monitoring.

  Charge without disconnecting the battery.

  2 charging speeds.

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